The Way of the Horse


Horses are in the moment, living in the here and now.


They live in their breath and body, living from an embodied, sensing ground of experience; rather than getting hijacked by thoughts and judgements.


They are in contact with their authentic experience; when a horse feels something they express it through their body, rather than masking, pretending or covering it.


They use feelings as information; they feel feelings and act on the need beneath the feeling; for example horses feel fear so they harness their energy to set new boundaries with their herd members, then they "go back to grazing".


Feelings are not judged; the relationship with their feelings and energy can model emotional agility and energetic awareness, once fully felt, can be released, freeing the organism to be able to respond to the next moment of life experience.


Horses offer unconditional positive regard, the being-to-being, in the moment, with no judgement, just pure pressence and love.


Horses are uniquely different as are humans, they know and express their uniqueness, and thus can teach or remind us about following and nourishing our unique talents and strengths, living with purpose, passion and meaning.


Horses live in connection with their herd and have a "place" within.  They remind us of our inherent need for belonging and "place in the community".


Horses sense and respond to thoughts in humans as much as feelings, as they are all reflected in the subtly body and physiological reactions.  So horses remind us about the power of out thoughts and focus, and how they can create your experience.


The way of the horse reminds us of the possibility to live life, experience life in every moment and thus remember that life can be about - living, learning, choices, taking responsibility, fulfilment and connection to something greater than ourselves.

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