Emily has been a mental health nurse for 10 years and worked in a variety of different organisations and positions.  Along her journey Emily has upheld her professional requirement of Continuing Professional Development and is thus skilled in numerous different areas.


Emily's rooms based therapy is offered at a location that is agreed upon together; it can be at a location that is close to home, at a GP clinic, or at EIRLYS stunning location in Tonimbuk.  EIRLYS is situated in a prime position for tranquility, peace and stillness; the surroundings supports the principle of presence and awareness.  Emily is passionate for the need for nature in one’s life and also the importance of the environmental element in the process of therapy. 


As a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse Emily has experience in supporting people who have a diagnosed mental illness; Emily is confident in supporting you through this.


You might just have some existential thoughts about life; maybe you’re wondering about purpose, connection or relationships.  There really isn’t a right or wrong reason to enter into therapy; it can be simply "I wonder why.....?”


Personal therapy is a great way to gain more awareness into who we are and why we do things.  Emily’s theory of therapy is based on the need for connection as humans; that the relationship between you and I is really important to the process of therapy.   


A parting note;

Can we really live every day with “connectedness”, “in the zone” and in a flow state?  Well YES and NO.  NO if you expect to keep doing exactly what you are doing now, but make no changes.  YES, if you’re prepared to open and change, whatever that might be.




  1. BE SKY – lie on your back and look at the clouds.  Focus intensely and pretend that you can make them evaporate.  Start with small clouds in the blue sky, and slowly build to larger ones.


  1. BE SPACE – sit comfortably.  Take in the scene in front of you, noticing all the stuff in it.  Expand your awareness so that you shift it from the stuff to the space between all the stuff.


  1. BE PEACE – sit somewhere busy.  Meditate with your eyes open and see whether you can let it wash over you.  Explore being still, finding peace amidst the noise and haste.  Practice dialing into the peace in your everyday life.


  1. BE NATURE – go into nature and take in all the sounds.  Let yourself be a kind of antenna that notices all the sounds that are increasing subtler or further away.  Become more and more attuned.  Now do the same with sensations in your body; feeling even subtler ones.


  1. BE PRESENT – sit opposite a friend and the first person tells the other about their life in 10 minutes straight, while the other person listens fully and does not reply or engage in mental dialogue.  Mirror each other’s body position and posture.  Notice the power of deep listening and the profound presence this evokes.  



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