Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

We believe that the patterns that emerge in our relationsips - with our friends, our family, our colleagues and also ourselves, are key to who we are and how we feel.  Equine Psychotherapy is a unique approch to psychotherapy where people are offered safe experiences in relationship with horses for the purpose of; increasing capacity to be aware and mindful, increasing awarness of patterns that are no longer serving you well, exploring and experimenting with different and new ways of being and behaving and being connected and committed to respectful relationship.

Cost: $110 (60 minutes)

Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Learning works with the same principles and practice as Equine psychotherapy, but with learning goals.  The sessions are clear and facilitators are skilled in working within the boundaries of experiential learning, working with contact, awareness, coaching and psycho-education.

Cost: $110 (60 minutes)

CARE (Cuddles All Round from Equines)

CARE uses our Miniture Horse to visit adults and children inside hospitals, hospice, care homes and learning enviroments; this tiny equine brings his special love where it is needed most. 

Cost: Negotiated - please call to discuss


Our 6-8 week groups are developed using the wisdom of the horse; it provides a group experience where topics explored include: Awareness, Boundaries, Feelings, Thinking, Relationships and Facing Life’s Challenges. 

The groups are tailored depending on the need on booking; please can and it can be discussed further.  It is a maximum of 6 people at a time and is delivered over 2 hours. 


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ABN: 51 863 008 517

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