Andrew is an eight year old ex racehorse.  Initially in poor condition Andrew has recieved alot of care and attention over the years.  Andrew is an authentic horse, that offers people a safe and supportive relationship.  With his large size Andrew is a true gentle giant, and much loved by anyone interested in getting to know him.


Mini is a two year old, minuture pony.  Relatively new to the herd, Mini is still finding his "hooves" within his new home enviroment.  He is a playful soul who is not shy to assert himself and his need for boundaries with the "bigger boys".  Mini is inquisitive, intelligent, and has a gentle and affoctionate nature.  It is the plan that Mini that makes his visits into hospitals, schools and care home enviroments.


Venture is a three year old, gypsy cross and has been in his enviroment for two years now.  He brings to the herd a bold presence, with genuine curiosity and an eagerness to please.  Venture strives for connection and authentic relationships with his companions and humans alike.


Miss Suzie is our Boer Goat, aged over 10 years old she is our oldest four legged friend on the property. Miss Suzie is a relaxed, laid back soul, but dont let that fool you, she is intelligent and deeply curious, with a constant need for adventure and investigation into her surrounding.

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