Based at the foothills of the BUNYIP State Park, on a property which exudes tranquility and space for exploration; EIRLYS has a vision to support people in the growth of personal mental well-being through the use of room based therapy and paddock based Equine Assisted therapy.


EIRLYS also has a passion in perinatal mental well-being.  Offering specialised pregnancy support counselling and workshops that enhance the transition to parenthood.  


What are some of the basic principles of the therapy offered at EIRLYS?


  • To increase awareness of patterns that are no longer serving you well

  • Increase capacities in awareness and mindfulness

  • Develop choice-full and flexible contact

  • To explore and experiment with different and new was of being and behaving

  • To become emotionally connected

  • To realise the Power of Choice

  • To integrate all aspects of oneself

  • To be connected and committed to Respectful Relationships

  • To develop new Life Skills

  • To use Values, Intention and Focus



Paddock based therapy is an ongoing process, working in relationship with each other we explore what emerges in contact. 


A paddock based equine session has core elements:

  • Initial check in

  • Grounding exercise

  • Relational Horse Experiment/s; these are always creativly developed in partnership with what has emerged whilst in dialogue and what is present.  A safety guideline and information is provided before each session

  • Time for Observation, Feedback, Inquiry and Processing

Emily Ludwick - Sessford

Emily is a Registered Nurse with the Australian Health and Practitioner Regulation Agency and a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.  


Emily has professional commitments to numerous codes,guidelines and standards of practice both by AHPRA and the ACMHN; which respect, promote, protect and uphold the fundamental rights of people. 


As an Equine Psychotherapy Practitioner, Emily is also commited to the Equine Psychotherapy Institute's Values, Principles and Code of Ethics.


Emily is also a student at the Gestalt Institute Australia and offeres non-equine psychotherapy.; and a member of GANZ (Gestalt Australia and New Zealand).  A copy of any Code of Ethics is available on request.

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ABN: 51 863 008 517

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